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Now we get serious!

Oh by the way did I tell you that my son works for Carrier Corporation and guess who decided to show

up for a little pre-race, Memorial Day luncheon!

It's Scott Sharp, #8. What a great guy, he signs pictures and welcomes all.

He even sat for a minute on his car so I could share the experience with you.

BUT!!! My son wasn't finished hooking me up!

He got me into the garage of the famous Andretti racing family.

I got pit passes for Thursday to visit Andretti Green. Visit the Andretti's

I want to thank Oliver's (my son) neighbor Jason Mendelhoff, for getting me passes for the

Thursday racing day. I will always always be in your debt for this experience.

So What does a racing garage look like? Clean, quiet (when the engines aren't running) and very very professional.

Some observations about racing in 2005.

  1. It's global. Some of the fans don't like it but the drivers are from everywhere.
  2. The winning engines are not American made anymore!
  3. These cars have more computerization in them then the Apollo 11 had when it went to the moon.
  4. Everything about these cars works from those computers, the fuel usage, the power, the steering, EVERYTHING!

It's wonderful to be involved in racing again, if only as a photographer. Racing makes everyone's life safer. Brakes, suspension, engines, and fuel systems have all advanced because of racing. So with no further ado I bring you the pictures from the pits and the race track.

The last great Sporting Event of May!

The Indy 500