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People at the Race

An event is nothing without the people who love it, the fans who follow it, and

most importantly the children who will become the participants and fans in the future.

On the left is Dennis Luttrell, and on the right is Frank Kozuch. They have been

fans of the 500 for a combined total of over 60 years. Those helmets have the signatures

of every driver who was in the race. What dedication! It was wonderful talking to such great fans!

And then there were the kids!

Kim who got out of school to dream of being Danica Patrick

Little Patrick who's dad brought him to the race. I wonder

how many more he will come to?


Sean and his dog before they get to march on the track!

This is Charlie Kiracofe, a wonderful man who took me under his wing and showed

me some of the ropes at the race. His job was to make sure that the

Firestone tires were all the same for all the teams.

He is an IRL official who moonlights as an engineer for a brake

maker in Englewood Ohio. Thanks charlie for all you did!